CTTR - Systems Specialist II - TACTS

Company Name:
URS Corporation
## Minimum Requirements
High School diploma or equivalent. Possess two years' experience in three or more of the following areas:
Computer Operations
Minor computer maintenance and troubleshooting
Tactical Air Operations
Air Combat Maneuvering
Air Traffic Control
Electronic Warfare
Weapons Delivery
Radio Communication
TACTS Systems Specialist I in TACTS for six months.
Minimum position specific training required: Possess proficiency with computers and computer operations and Qualified in TACTS Operations. Must have completed TACTS Systems Specialist I JQS, and complete the TACTS Systems Specialist II JQS. Possess ability to speak, read, and write English. Possess a valid state issued driver's license. Qualify for and maintain a Secret security clearance.
## Job Description
Perform pre-mission equipment status checks 30 minutes prior to the mission (when able) in support of the range schedule for instrumentation, displays, EW, and communications systems to ensure system and equipment readiness.
Operates computer and peripheral equipment, such as printers, data communications equipment, to integrate and operate equipment, following operating instructions and schedule.
Utilizes the System Operator Console to enter flight and threat data into the system. Maintains and updates data during missions. Archives previous mission data and prepare for entry of new data into system for next mission.
Operate Display and Debriefing system to include start/stop recording, color aircraft and threats, replay missions and audio.
Utilize Display and Debriefing systems, hot line, and radio communications to control manned, unmanned and simulated radar sites.
Provides feedback on mission kills and EW countermeasures effectiveness. Understand Fallon Tactical Training Range (FTTR) basic radar functions, capabilities and parameters.
Collect and transmit C3 network data from search radar equipment utilizing computers hot lines and radios. The data gathered is utilized by the IADS commander.
Operate threat video encryption devices, computers, monitors, and recording equipment.
Operate the FURY Adversary Attack Network. The FURY system establishes an electronic support and electronic attack training environment for airborne Signal Intelligence (SIGINT).
Operate the Ground Tracking System and Lob Activity Aircraft Pre-processor computer systems.
Backup of mission data as required.
Ensures cleanliness of work site.
Maintain a positive workplace environment and promote increased customer satisfaction.
Notifies supervisor of equip/systems(s) that failed to function properly.
Documents system utilization and changes in IEMS. (I.e. RIMS).
Requisition Number: FS91399
Interest Category: Operations & Maintenance
Interest Sub Category: Technician/ Field Services
Job Title: CTTR - Systems Specialist II - TACTS
Employment Category/Status: full-time
Type of Position: Regular Hire
Country: U.S.
State: Nevada
City: NAS Fallon

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