Cttr cis/comm manager

Company Name:
URS Corporation
## Minimum Requirements
High School Diploma or equivalent. Possess DoD Network Security training and IEMS administrator training. Five years' experience in the following areas:
Wide Area Network (WAN) and Local Area Network (LAN) administration.
Installation and maintenance of computer systems and network servers
Network interfaces and associated equipment (ARCNET and Ethernet)
?Three years' management and supervisory experience
?Two years' experience in the following:
Software development, modification, and installation
Novell Netware and Microsoft NT administration
UNIX administration
Internet and E-mail setup
MIS databases and software, to include SQL
TCP/IP, routers, bridges, and firewalls
Microsoft Office and Microsoft Exchange
NES/Crypto maintenance desired
?Hands-on experience with the following equipment:
Digital Digital/analog signal processing
Electromechanical devices
Communications (multiplexer equipment, VHF, UHF, microwave, fiber-optic)
Digital/analog computer systems
DC power supplies
Test equipment
Optical equipment
RF signal processing
Low voltage AC equipment
Primary and secondary power equipment
Auto-transfer (UPS) equipment
Portable AC generators
Possess a valid state issued driver's license. Qualify for and maintain a government security clearance.
## Job Description
Responsible for the operation and maintenance of all computer information services. Maintains and repairs PC workstations. Provides software maintenance, upgrades, installation of new applications, debugging, and checkout.
Identifies requirements. Researches, tests, evaluates and recommends data communications hardware and software. Researches technical solutions. Meets with vendors and attends seminars to become familiar with products and services. Evaluates technology to determine efficiency, reliability, and compatibility with existing systems. Analyzes test data and recommends hardware and software for purchase. Writes specifications for bid and evaluates proposal. Develops and writes installation, use, maintenance and troubleshooting procedures. Monitors performance. Trains users.
Monitors data communications network and resolves problems to ensure the network is available to all systems users. Assists with automating report generation. Monitors modems' and hub activity to detect malfunctions in LAN/WAN software or hardware. Performs diagnostics to determine the nature of problems and reads codes on screen to diagnose a problem. Analyzes technical manuals to identify cause of problems. Instructs users on the proper use of LAN/WAN and methods to resolve problems. Records LAN/WAN system malfunctions and actions taken. Updates documentation to record new equipment installed, new sites, and changes to computer configurations. Installs communication lines and sets up system accounts. Attends staff meetings to report on and to resolve recurring data communication problems.
Installs and repairs electronic equipment such as computer and communications systems in field installations. Consults with customer/supervisors to plan equipment layout. Studies blueprints, schematics, manuals, and other specifications to determine installation procedures. Operates system to demonstrate equipment and analyze malfunctions. Interprets maintenance manuals, schematics, and wiring diagrams and repairs equipment, utilizing knowledge of electronics and standard test equipment and hand tools. Consults with engineering personnel to resolve unusual problems.
Assists users with data communications problems. Reviews procedures users followed to determine whether specified steps were taken. Explains user procedures necessary to enter, compile, and transmit data. Works closely with staff and Government to set and maintain standard file server and workstation configurations. Creates and maintains user accounts in accordance with standard guidelines. Protects the integrity and security of the network shared directory structure. Ensures the integrity of the network directory services tree(s). Establishes and ensures the full backup of all file servers and ensures the standard tape rotation and retention schedules are followed. Creates and delivers custom training programs for end users and management. Identifies and implements enhancements to the LAN/WAN.
Utilizes the IEMS to manage assigned activities and resources.
Requisition Number: FS91398
Interest Category: Engineering
Interest Sub Category: Engineering - Electrical
Job Title: CTTR CIS/COMM Manager
Employment Category/Status: full-time
Type of Position: Regular Hire
Country: U.S.
State: Nevada
City: NAS Fallon

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